Thursday, July 10, 2008

In lieu of jarring prose, here's the web equivalent of jingling keys at you. Look! Shiny!

Anyway, hi :)

I meant to write a nice long letter with photos about my recent and very successful Linux computing class I taught for the regional technology teachers, but ran out of face time with the comp to do it.

I might be leaving for site tomorrow, so I couldn't let the fast internet go totally unused for the blog, so I figured out how to upload video.

Here, friends, is a sample of Georgian national dance: I really can't describe it in any way other than "flatly cool". I shot this a year ago during our orientation to Georgia, in an old Soviet resort compound in Tabakhmela, outside of Tbilisi.

Those of you accessing this via Facebook will probably have to click through to get to the embedded video.

Enjoy, 'til I get back to you!


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